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In IdleRPG, you can have a partner and start a family with that partner.


user @ニコラス proposes to user @Toasted Ice Cube

To propose to someone, simply type $propose @partner, pinging the person you want to propose to. Once they accept, it's official!


You can view someone's lovescore by using the command $lovescore [user]. You can increase your lovescore by going on a date, or increase your partners lovescore by spoiling them.


Every 12 hours, you can go on a date with your partner using the command $date. This increases your lovescore by a random multiple of 10 between 10 and 150.

Spoiling your partner

You can spoil your partner by purchasing a gift for them. Note that this increases their lovescore, not yours.

Use $spoil to see the list of items you can buy. Use $spoil n to buy one of them, replacing the n with the number next to the gift of your choice. Each dollar spent this way increases your partner's lovescore by 1.

Starting a family

You can have a child with your partner using the $child command (or any of its aliases). Your partner must accept, by selecting the green check mark reaction under the bot's confirmation message. There is a 50% chance of successfully having a child.

Maximum number of children

Every family has a default maximum of 10 children. For every 250,000 combined lovescore you and your partner have, you can have 1 additional child.

For example:

Combined lovescore Maximum children
Less than 250,000 10
250,000 - 499,999 11
500,000 - 749,999 12
750,000 - 999,999 13

and so on.

Family events

Once you have children, the $familyevent(or$fe) command allows random events to happen your children. The possibilities are:

Probability Event
34.78% Your child grows up, increasing their age by one.
17.39% You get to change your child's name.
4.35% The child dies.
5.71% Recieve a Common crate
2.29% Recieve a Uncommon crate
.57% Recieve a Rare crate
.11% Recieve a Magic crate
.011% Recieve a Legendary crate
17.39% Recieve between $0 and 1.56% of your total money
17.39% Loss between $0 and 1.56% of your total money

Each partner can perform this command every 30 minutes.

Adventure Bonus

When married, one's spouse will receive a bonus money reward when one completes adventures. The following formula calculates how much money one's spouse will receive:
(0.5 • Gp) • (1 + Ls / 1,000,000)
With G meaning the amount of Gold rewarded from the adventure; L meaning Lovescore; p meaning player and s meaning spouse. For an example, we will consider that a player A is married to their spouse B. Player A finishes an adventure and receives $100 as their adventure reward. Spouse B's Lovescore is 500,000:
(0.5 • 100) • (1 + 500,000 / 1,000,000)

We can further simplify this equation:
= 50 • (1 + 500,000/1,000,000)
= 50 • 1.5
= 75

Since the database management system only allows for integer type data, otherwise known as whole numbers, the resulting number is always rounded down to the next whole number, in case a decimal number results. In this example Player A's spouse with 500,000 lovescore will receive $75 passively, with player A still receiving the entire $100.

Seeing how this does not appear in a players status message upon completing an adventure anymore, players might be mislead into thinking this reward is no longer given, however the money is still added to the player's spouse.