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In IdleRPG, you can have a partner and start a family with that partner.


user @ニコラス proposes to user @Toasted Ice Cube

To propose to someone, simply type $propose @partner, pinging the person you want to propose to. Once they accept, it's official!


You can view someone's lovescore by using the command $lovescore [user]. You can increase your lovescore by going on a date, or increase your partners lovescore by spoiling them.


Every 12 hours, you can go on a date with your partner using the command $date. This increases your lovescore by a random multiple of 10 between 10 and 150.

Spoiling your partner

You can spoil your partner by purchasing a gift for them. Note that this increases their lovescore, not yours.

Use $spoil to see the list of items you can buy. Use $spoil n to buy one of them, replacing the n with the number next to the gift of your choice. Each dollar spent this way increases your partner's lovescore by 1.

Starting a family

You can have a child with your partner using the $child command (or using $sex, $breed, or $fuck). Your partner must accept, by selecting the green check mark reaction under the bot's confirmation message. There is a 50% chance of successfully having a child.
The partner, who used the $child command when the child is born will be assigned as the child's mother, the player who accepted the checkbox will be its father.
This also means that a player can be the mother of one child and the father of another.
When marrying a player, who already has children from a previous marriage, and if a player already has children from a previous marriage, the children of the two partners will be brought together to one family.

Maximum number of children

Every family has a default maximum of 10 children. For every 250,000 combined lovescore you and your partner have, you can have 1 additional child.

For example:

Combined lovescore Maximum children
Less than 250,000 10
250,000 - 499,999 11
500,000 - 749,999 12
750,000 - 999,999 13

and so on.

Family events

Once you have children, the $familyevent(or$fe) command allows random events to happen your children. The possibilities are:

Probability Event
34.78% Your child grows up, increasing their age by one.
17.39% You get to change your child's name.
4.35% The child dies.
5.71% Recieve a Common crate
2.29% Recieve a Uncommon crate
.57% Recieve a Rare crate
.11% Recieve a Magic crate
.011% Recieve a Legendary crate
17.39% Recieve between $0 and 1.56% of your total money
17.39% Loss between $0 and 1.56% of your total money

Each partner can perform this command every 30 minutes.

Adventure Bonus

When married, one's spouse will receive a bonus money reward when one completes adventures. The following formula calculates how much money one's spouse will receive:
(0.5 • Gp) • (1 + Ls / 1,000,000)
With G meaning the amount of Gold rewarded from the adventure; L meaning Lovescore; p meaning player and s meaning spouse. For an example, we will consider that a player A is married to their spouse B. Player A finishes an adventure and receives $100 as their adventure reward. Spouse B's Lovescore is 500,000:
(0.5 • 100) • (1 + 500,000 / 1,000,000)

We can further simplify this equation:
= 50 • (1 + 500,000/1,000,000)
= 50 • 1.5
= 75

Since the database management system only allows for integer type data, otherwise known as whole numbers, the resulting number is always rounded down to the next whole number, in case a decimal number results. In this example Player A's spouse with 500,000 lovescore will receive $75 passively, with player A still receiving the entire $100.

Seeing how this does not appear in a players status message upon completing an adventure anymore, players might be mislead into thinking this reward is no longer given, however the money is still added to the player's spouse.


Players may divorce their partners at any time if the marriage does not work out the way it was supposed to.
Using the $divorce command prompts the command user, whether they want to divorce.
When divorcing, the player's and their partner's children - if they had any - will be split up between the two players. Each player will receive the kids they are the mother of (see a previous section for details]]). The childrens' father will be set to 0. Lovescore is not affected by divorces.
Single parents still have the option to use the $familyevent command.