The main command to access this in idle is $guild. You can join guilds to get to know new people, do guild adventures and sometimes also giveaways, but they must be from the guild and are not provided in any way by the staff team.

A guild is actually a small community (sometimes also big) which is lead by the guild leader who can promote and demote officers and manages the guild. Guild officers can kick people from their guild and also invite new people. Guilds lead by donators can have 100 members instead of the normal 50.

Guilds also have a bank only for money where members can put some of their money and everything officer and above can hand it out to other people, not only members of their guild.


Command Description
status Views your guild adventure.
demote [target] Demotes someone from the officer rank
invite [target] [Guild officer only] Invite someone to your guild.
leave ’'Leave your current guild.
kick [target] [Guild Officer only] Kick someone from your guild.
delete [Guild Owner only] Deletes the guild.
icon [short URL] [Guild Leader only] Changes the guild icon.
description [description] [Guild Owner only] Changes the guild description.
richest Shows the richest players in your guild.
invest [amount] Invest some of your money and put it to the guild bank.
info [name] Look up a guild by name.
best Shows the best players of your guild by XP.
ladder The best GvG guilds.
pay [amount] [user] [Guild Officer only] Pay money from the guild bank to a user.
members Shows you a list of your guild members.
upgrade Upgrades your guild bank's capacity.
badge [number] [Guild owner only] Change the guild badge.
battle [enemy] [amount] [fightercount] Battle against another guild.
create Creates a guild.
adventure Starts a guild adventure.
promote [target] Promote someone to the rank of officer
channel [Guild owner only] Sends guild logs in the channel you do this command in