Self-assignable roles

This content only applies to the Official IdleRPG Support Server and does not directly affect gameplay.

Self-assignable roles are roles that any user can assign themselves. All roles serve different purposes and gain access to different channels.

How to assign

Self-assignable roles are handled by the server's moderation bot, Espresso. To self-assign one of the roles, a user can send the command ??iam <role>, replacing <role> with the name of the role, as seen in the following section. If the role name does not suffice, for some reason, using the role's ID works as well.

To remove a self-assignable roles, a user can simply use ??iamnot <role>, replacing <role> with the role name/ID as seen below. Note that taking more than one of the roles for the gods is prohibited.

List of self-assignable roles

The following is a list of currently self-assignable roles. Please note that you can get this list in chat using ??iamroles

Name ID Purpose
Coder 642017648280076298 Grants access to coding related channels, as well as translation related channels
Raider 506448055927832576 Grants access to the #raids and #raid-summary channels, will be mentioned when a new raid starts
Betasquad 448071378684608512 Grants access to the beta channels, allows you to thoroughly test the beta bot
Event 570933216505233439 Grants access to the event channels, will be pinged for events and mass-tournaments, and -hungergames
Kvothe's Chosen 616397733158191106 God role for Kvothe, will be pinged for Scrael Raids
Shadow 616397733653381140 God role for The Assassin
War Hunter 616397734294847490 God role for War God Fox
Zemsu 616397734596968450 God role for Salutations, grants chat access to #gate-of-salutations, will be pinged for Cyberus Raids
Imanity 616397735175782451 God role for Asmodeus, grants chat access to #new-hell, will be pinged for Asmodeus Raids
Guilty 616397735486160937 God role for Guilt, will be pinged for Guilt Raids
CHamburr 616397735725367316 God role for CHamburr, grants chat access to #chamburrs-chamber, will be pinged for Hamburger Raids
Jesus Follower 616397735972831264 God role for Jesus, will be pinged for Atheistus Raids
Gamer 694109909910028320 God role for Tet, will be pinged for Game Raids
Sanctuary 694110677425717278 God role for Eden, grants chat access to #sanctuary, will be pinged for Guardian raids