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{{{1}}}, also known as Adventure {{{2}}}, is the {{{3}}} adventure in IdleRPG. This adventure is available when leveling up to level {{{2}}}. [[File:Adventure{{{2}}}.png|thumb|{{{1}}} as seen in $missions. The Chance field is filled depending on the player's stats.]]




Gold: Base gold rewards range from ${{{5}}} to ${{{6}}} and is affected by the player's luck and whether or not they have a money booster active.
XP: The possible XP ranges range from {{{7}}}XP to {{{8}}}XP.
Item: An item's base stats can range from {{{9}}} to {{{10}}}, doubling if the item is a two-handed type, and affected by the player's luck. There is a {{{11}}}% chance to gain a loot item instead of a gear item ({{{12}}}% if the player has the Ritualist class).