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Picture shown of the ritualist by using the "$myclass" command.
Picture shown on profiles with the ritualist class.
Concept art by Kippy


- "A seer, a sacrificer and a follower. The Ritualist devotes their life to the god they follow. For every evolution, their sacrifices are 5% more effective."
~ In-Game description

The Ritualist class is for those who've dedicated their entire life to supporting their chosen god, which means that they get sacrification bonuses and easily get higher in the favor-list of their God.


You gain +5% sacrificial bonuses (bonus to favor you receive by sacrificing from $loot) every 5 levels by $evolve.

Level 0 (Priest) +5% sacrificial bonus
Level 5 (Mysticist) +10% sacrificial bonus
Level 10 (Doomsayer) +15% sacrificial bonus
Level 15 (Seer) +20% sacrificial bonus
Level 20 (Oracle) +25% sacrificial bonus
Level 25 (Prophet) +30% sacrificial bonus
Level 30 (Ritualist) +35% sacrificial bonus (max)


The Ritualist class was added with the raider class in v4 when the gods were added, too.