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Favor is how much attention you have from your god. The more favor you have, the more likely you are to receive a gift of luck from your god.

$favor shows your favor with your god.

Gaining Favor

First, make sure you have a god. If you don't already have a god, use $follow to choose a god. Think carefully, because this cannot be undone.

You can $pray once per day (24 hours) to earn a random amount of favor.

The below table shows how much favor is earned by praying.

Chance Minimum Favor Maximum Favor
33.3% 0 0
33.3% 1 500
33.3% 501 1000

On a 10%-basis (Ritualists: 20%), you will earn loot from adventures. Loot can be exchanged for favor using $sacrifice.

Favor evolution by time

Favor does not go down on its own, however gods can use $resetfavor to reset all the favor of all of their followers.


The Ritualist class gets 5% (increased by 5 per evolution) extra favor when sacrificing items and doubles the chance of obtaining loot from an adventure (20% rather than 10%).