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Gambling (also known as betting) is the wagering of money [...] on an event with an uncertain outcome, with the primary intent of winning money or material goods.[1]


Flipping a coin is the most basic method of gambling. Using $flip [heads|tails] [money] or $coin [heads|tails] [money] will pick either heads or tails. If the result is the same as the side you chose in the command, you win the amount of money you bet. If it is the opposite side, you lose the amount of money you bet.

The maximum flip is $100,000.


Betting is a more complicated type of gambling. Using $bet [maximum] [tip] [money] will pick a number between 0 and the maximum. If the number generated is identical to the number you tipped, you win the money you bet times the maximum minus one. For example, if you bet $5 and the maximum is 11, 11-1 is 10 and 10*5=50 so you would win $50. If the number is different then the number you tipped, you only lose the amount of money you bet and no more.

The maximum reward that can be gained is $100,000.

If the maximum you chose is larger than 100 and you win the bet, your win is publicly posted in the IdleRPG support server's Bot Events Channel.


blackjack|bj amount=0

Play blackjack against the bot.

the highest bet is $1000

Double or Steal

Double or Steal is a relatively new type of gambling added in v4. Using $dos will allow anyone to react to the message, starting a game of double or steal.

The amount of money to begin with is $100. On your turn, you are prompted to either double the money or steal it. If you double, the amount is taken away from you and put into the game. If you steal, the amount in the game is given all to you but be careful don't go too high or the opposing player will steal.


roulette|rou <money> <bid>

Play a game of French Roulette.

Possible simple bets:

  • noir (all black numbers)
  • rouge (all red numbers)
  • pair (all even numbers)
  • impair (all odd numbers)
  • manque (1-18)
  • passe (19-36)
  • premier (1-12)
  • milieu (13-24)
  • dernier (25-36)

Complicated bets:

  • colonne (34/35/36) (all numbers in a row on the betting table, either 1, 4, ..., 34 or 2, 5, ..., 35 or 3, 6, ... 36)
  • transversale (vertical low)-(vertical high) This includes simple and pleine (a vertical row on the betting table, e.g. 19-21. can also be two rows, e.g. 4-9)
    • les trois premiers (numbers 0, 1, 2)
  • carre (low)-(high) (a section of four numbers in a square on the betting table, e.g. 23-27)
    • les quatre premiers (numbers 0, 1, 2, 3)
  • cheval (number 1) (number 2) (a simple bet on two numbers)
  • plein (number) (a simple bet on one number)