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This content only applies to the Official IdleRPG Support Server and does not directly affect gameplay.

Janelle is the current multi-purpose bot with a focus of providing roles, moderation, and showing affection. Janelle has been created by Adrian#1337 to replace Expresso, the former multi-purpose bot.


Anime Commands

Anime commands describe actions, usually toward users, triggered by a command. The command response is usually an anime GIF, hence the section title. The following anime commands exist in Janelle:

  • cuddle <member> - Cuddle someone you like.
  • dance - Express your emotions.
  • hug <member> - Give someone a hug!
  • kiss <member> - Give a kiss to your loved one.
  • pat <member> - Give someone a pat!
  • poke <member> - Pokes someone!

??iam commands

These commands give roles to members. You are only allowed to have one God role as you only can follow one God. The following ??iam commands exist within Janelle:

  • Raider-Allows access to the raid channel and pings when a raid is active.
  • Betasquad-Offers access to the beta testing channels.
  • Event-Offers access to the Event channels where events will be announced.
  • Coder-Offers access to the coding channels where you can help suggest or code.
  • Pong-Pings you when a announcement is made.
  • Advertising-Gives access to the selling channel.
  • Gamer-God Role.
  • Sanctuary-God Role.
  • Kvothe's Chosen-God Role.
  • Shadow-God Role.
  • War Hunter-God Role.
  • Zemsu- God Role.
  • Imanity-God Role.
  • Guilty-God Role.
  • CHamburr-God Role.
  • Jesus Follower-God Role.

Meta commands

These commands relate to various things, mainly Discord or the bot itself. The following meta commands exist within Janelle:

  • help [command] - Shows help about the bot, a command, or a category

Moderation commands

These are the crux of Janelle, related to moderation and keeping the server clean. The following moderation commands exist in Janelle:

  • ban <member>- Bans a member from the server.
  • kick <member> [reason] - Kicks a member from the server.
  • mute [members] [reason] - Mutes members using the configured mute role.
  • softban <member> [reason] - Soft bans a member from the server.
  • unban <member> [reason] - Unbans a member from the server.
  • unmute [members] [reason] - Unmutes members using the configured mute role.

Roles commands

These commands relate to server roles and their interactivity. The following role commands exist withing Janelle:

  • iam <role> - Assigns a self assignable role.
  • iamnot <role> - Unassigns a self assignable role.
  • iamrole - Lists the self assignable roles for the server. Can be used to add or remove iamroles.