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Merging items is a way to increase their attack or defense value respectively. The command's syntax is $merge firstitemid seconditemid with firstitemid and seconditemid being item IDs as seen in one's Inventory. Its cooldown is one hour.


During the process of merging, the first item (firstitemid) will keep its attributes. Item name, value and ID won't be altered. The second item (seconditemid) will be destroyed. IdleRPG will not sort the items for the player, so it's advised to pay attention to which item is which command argument. The first item's attack or defense value, depending on if one is merging Swords or Shields, will always increase by 1.00 if all conditions are met and the command is run successfully.


  • An item cannot be merged with itself.
  • You must own both items.
  • A Sword type item cannot be merged with a Shield type item and vice versa.
  • An single-handed item cannot be merged past attack/defense value 41.00.
  • An double-handed item cannot be merged past attack value 82.00.
  • The second item (seconditemid) must be within a five point attack/defense range of the first item (firstitemid), e.g. if the first item's attack value is 15.00, the second item's attack value must be within 10.00-20.00