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The new IdleRPG profile picture with captions

The $profile command is used to view the progress of yourself or another player. It shows you nearly all information, excluding the player's god, IDs of held weapons, experience and a bit more. The information is all shown on a picture.

$profile2 is a non-image-based, more informative version that includes the user's race and usually loads faster.

The old IdleRPG profile picture with captions

Table of contents

On the picture sent to you, you can see:

  • Character name
  • Level
  • Sword name/damage
  • Shield name/defense
  • Money amount
  • Battles won
  • Married to
  • Guild
  • Global Rankings for Money amount
  • Global Rankings for Battles won
  • Class(es)
  • Race
  • Adventure and remaining time of it
  • God

Related commands

There are some commands changing part of the profile's appearance which would be:

colour [colour] Sets your profile text colour. The format may be #RRGGBB or a HTML-valid string like "cyan".
makebackground [short URL] [overlaytype] [Patreon Only] Generates a profile background based on an image. Valid overlays are 1 or 2 for grey and black.
background [short URL] [Patreon Only] Changes your profile background.