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A Botban is a condition that is not limited to IdleRPG, but known to Discord Bots in general. While botbanned, a bot will not recognize a user's messages, therefore the botbanned user cannot use the bot any longer. Perhaps limited to IdleRPG, botbanned users' reactions will not be recognized either.

Getting banned

A botban can be issued only by IdleRPG's developers. Game Masters will inform them if a user commits banworthy actions, though the final judgement rests on their shoulders. A common reason for getting botbanned is exploiting game unintended game mechanics to gain an unfair advantage. Repeated offenses to the global bot rules can lead to a botban as well.

Getting unbanned

A botban can be lifted by IdleRPG's developers, as well as Game Masters.


  • Even though Game Masters have the option to lift a botban, they lack the option to botban players in the first place.