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The rules are agreed to when creating your IdleRPG profile, or joining the official IdleRPG Support Server. Breaking these rules can lead to a kick from the Support Server, over a removed profile, to a botban.

Support Server

The rules can be found in the official Support Server in the rules channel, they can be accepted by using the provided emoji reaction below. Accepting the server rules grants access to the public channels. This extract was made on May 10th, 2020.

  1. Interacting with Each Other - Respect all members of the support server. Flaming, trolling, and being disrespectful is a bannable offense. Try to be respectful when it comes to the feelings of other members when making a joke. Please also do not beg or ask for money as it annoys a large part of the community.
  2. Advertising and External Links - Server Invites, Malware Files, External links without context or support relevance, Spamming Links and Advertising Links or Text in Direct Messages are heavily prohibited. Sharing chain letters (so-called) copypastas is forbidden, too.
  3. NSFW - NSFW is a total no-go here. Please also don't include any NSFW in your nickname or profile picture. NSFW means any nudity or notable amounts of bare skin in sexual zones of a creature or any sexual actions.
  4. Other Bots - Talk about other bots than these in the server is prohibited if it is excessive or comparing to any bots in the server.
  5. Alts - You are limited to one alternative account, violators will be punished. We want fairness for everyone so use of alts in events, giveaways, raids, etc is strictly prohibited and subject to punishment as well.
  6. Channel-specific Rules - Channel topics always apply as additional rules to make sure channels are used for the intended purpose. A pinned message may indicate additional information.
  7. Mass Mentions - Please use ??pingmod if there is an emergency that requires moderator intervention. The Game Masters mention may be used for game-related emergencies that require administrative power.
  8. Gods - Complaining about a god's luck, asking them to change it or begging them is heavily prohibited. Taking more than one of the roles for the gods is prohibited as well.
  9. Scamming - This is a reminder that scamming is a punishable offense. Not holding your end of an agreement can be considered scamming. If you have any questions, feel free to dm me[1].
  10. Language - This server is an English speaking server. Our moderation team speaks English as a main language and can only guarantee to moderate in this language, therefore we cannot allow talk in different languages without endangering the safety of our community members. Even using Google Translate is good enough for support questions and easy enough to use.

Failure to comply with these rules can result in any punishment ranging from server mutes to bans.

Bot rules

These rules apply globally. An up to date version can be found using $rules. This extract was made on May 10th, 2020.

  1. Only up to two characters per individual
  2. No abusing or benefiting from bugs or exploits
  3. Be friendly and kind to other players
  4. Trading in-game items or currency for real money or items directly comparable to currency is forbidden
  5. Giving or selling renamed items is forbidden[2]


  1. referring to the Lead Moderator Jashan#0001
  2. This rule is outdated, since trading renamed items is no longer possible