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This content only applies to the Official IdleRPG Support Server and does not directly affect gameplay.

Espresso is a former multi-purpose bot with a primary focus on simple moderation, featuring a neatly organized log of cases. It was developed by Jashan#0001 and is the successor of Coffee.The bot has now been decomissioned and has been replaced with Janelle. See Janelle here.

Anime Commands

Anime commands describe actions, usually toward users, triggered by a command. The command response is usually an anime GIF, hence the section title. The following anime commands exist in Espresso:

  • amazed - Express your emotions.
  • bite <member> - Leave a mark.
  • cry - Express your emotions.
  • cuddle <member> - Cuddle someone you like.
  • dance - Express your emotions.
  • happy - Express your emotions.
  • hug <member> - Give someone a hug!
  • kiss <member> - Give a kiss to your loved one.
  • laugh - Express your emotions.
  • lean <member> - Make someone your pillow. *
  • pat <member> - Give someone a pat!
  • poke <member> - Pokes someone!
  • pout - Express your emotions.
  • punch <member> - Knock someones teeth out.
  • slap <member> - Slap someone because why not?
  • smile - Express your emotions.
  • smug - Express your emotions.
  • taunt <member> - Taunt someone lol

Game commands

Game commands contain small, byte-sized games with the bot or other players. The following game commands exist within Espresso:

  • count - Play the counting game.
  • rps <choice> - Play rock paper scissors against AI. <choice> must be "rock", "paper" or "scissors"
  • tictactoe <member> - Play tictactoe against a friend.

Ideology commands

These commands relate to the Avatar event played on the IdleRPG server, or the IdleRPG Gods. The following Ideology commands exist within Espresso:

  • air - Air nation special command. (Best command)
  • earth - Earth nation special command.
  • fire - Fire nation special command.
  • water - Water nation special command.
  • godraid - Locks and unlocks role pings for your god raid.*

Meta commands

These commands relate to various things, mainly Discord or the bot itself. The following meta commands exist within Espresso:

  • about - Tells you information about the bot.
  • alex - Happy Birthday Alex!
  • avatar [member] - Sends the avatar of a member. [member] defaults to oneself
  • botpermission [channel] - Shows the bot's permissions in a specific channel. [channel] defaults to the channel the command is used it
  • charinfo <characters> - Shows you information about a number of characters.
  • choose [choices...] - Chooses between multiple choices.
  • dice <dice> - Rolls a dice in NdN format.
  • emoji [emojis]... - Enlarges the emojis making them more visible. Can be "prev" to enlarge emojis in previous messages
  • first message - Shows you the first message in a channel.
  • help [command] - Shows help about the bot, a command, or a category
  • info [member] - Shows info about a member. [member] defaults to oneself
  • invite - Invite the bot to your server.
  • mock <text> - MoCKs tExt.
  • permissions [member] [channel] - Shows a member's permissions in a specific channel. [member] defaults to oneself, [channel] to the channel the command is used it
  • ping - Calculates the bot's response time.
  • roll [minimum] [maximum] - Roll a number between min and max. [minimum] defaults to 1, [maximum] defaults to 100
  • shared [member] - Shows servers shared with the bot. [member] defaults to oneself
  • uptime - Tells you how long the bot has been up for.

Moderation commands

These are the crux of Espresso, related to moderation and keeping the server clean. The following moderation commands exist in Espresso:

  • ban <member> [reason] - Bans a member from the server.
  • case <case_id> - Gets a case from the modlog.
  • * case search <args> - An advanced case search/lookup.
  • config - Sets up the mod config.
  • kick <member> [reason] - Kicks a member from the server.
  • massban [members]... [reason] - Mass bans multiple members from the server
  • mute [members]... [reason] - Mutes members using the configured mute role.
  • reason <case_id> <reason> - Edits or assigns a reason for a mod action.
  • remove <args> - Removes messages that meet a criteria.
  • softban <member> [reason] - Soft bans a member from the server.
  • tempban <duration> <member> [reason]- Temporarily bans a member for the specified duration.
  • tempmute <duration> <member> [reason] - Temporarily mutes a member for the specified duration.
  • unban <member> [reason] - Unbans a member from the server.
  • unmute [members]... [reason] - Unmutes members using the configured mute role.

Poll Commands

These commands are related to generating reaction vote polls within Discord. The following poll commands exist within Espresso:

  • poll <question> - Interactively creates a poll with the following question.
  • quickpoll <question> [choices...] - Makes a poll quickly.

Prefix commands

These commands help with interacting with other bots. The following prefix commands exist within Espresso:

  • pfb <bot> - Returns the prefixes for a bot.
  • pfs - Returns the prefixes for a server.
  • prefix - add or remove prefixes for Espresso

RPG commands

These commands relate to a small, RPG section in Espresso. The following RPG commands exist within Espresso:

  • create - Create a character.
  • daily - Claim daily rewards.
  • profile [member] - View your or someone else's character. [member] defaults to oneself.

Roles commands

These commands relate to server roles and their interactivity. The following role commands exist withing Espresso:

  • autorole - Lists all the autoroles. Autoroles will be automatically assigned when a new member joins the server
  • autotoggle - Toggles autorole and botrole assignment on and off.
  • botrole - Lists all the botroles.
  • iam <role> - Assigns a self assignable role.
  • iamnot <role> - Unassigns a self assignable role.
  • iamrole - Lists the self assignable roles for the server. Can be used to add or remove iamroles.
  • role <role> [member] - Give a role to a member. [member] defaults to oneself
  • roles - Displays a list of roles and ids.
  • unrole <role> [member] - Removes a role from a member. [member] defaults to oneself

Support commands

Help the bot or let the bot help you. The following Support commands exist withing Espresso:

  • feedback <feedback> - Gives feedback about the bot.
  • news - Gives you the latest updates on the bot.
  • support - Support Server Invite Link.