Last One Standing

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Last One Standing, also known as Adventure 20, is the twentieth adventure in IdleRPG. This adventure is available when leveling up to level 20.

Last One Standing as seen in $missions. The Chance field is filled depending on the player's stats.


The League of Vecca has betrayed us. They plan to take over the capital. Before they succeed in their plan, exterminate every last one of them!


Gold: Base gold rewards range from $400 to $1200 and is affected by the player's luck and whether or not they have a money booster active.
XP: The possible XP ranges range from 5000XP to 10000XP.
Item: An item's base stats can range from 20 to 35, doubling if the item is a two-handed type, and affected by the player's luck. There is a 35% chance to gain a loot item instead of a gear item (70% if the player has the Ritualist class).


  • This adventure was added in November 2018 with the v3.3.0 update.
  • The completion time was increased from 19 hours to 20 hours with the v4.4.0 update, despite the image saying otherwise.