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Picture of the mage shown by using "$myclass".
Picture shown on profiles with the mage class.


- "Utilise powerful magic for stronger attacks. +1 damage per evolution."
~ In-Game description

Mages are one of the seven classes in IdleRPG. The class gives additional damage, with the amount increasing per evolution. The opposite of it is the warrior, which gives additional defense.


You gain +1 damage every 5 levels by $evolve.

Level 0 (Juggler) +1 damage
Level 5 (Witcher) +2 damage
Level 10 (Enchanter) +3 damage
Level 15 (Mage) +4 damage
Level 20 (Warlock) +5 damage
Level 25 (Dark Caster) +6 damage
Level 30 (White Sorcerer) +7 damage (max)