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Picture of the warrior shown by using "$myclass".
Picture shown on profiles with the warrior class.


- "The tank class. Charge into battle with additional defense! +1 defense per evolution added onto your shield."
~ In-Game description

The Warrior class is a tanky class with additional defense but no additional attack. The opposite of the warrior is the mage who gets attack instead of defense. The Warrior class evolution's are Infanterist, Footman, Shieldbearer, Knight, Warmaster, Templar, and Paladin.


You gain +1 defense every 5 levels by $evolve.

Level 0 (Infanterist) +1 defense
Level 5 (Footman) +2 defense
Level 10 (Shieldbearer) +3 defense
Level 15 (Knight) +4 defense
Level 20 (Warmaster) +5 defense
Level 25 (Templar) +6 defense
Level 30 (Paladin) +7 defense (max)