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Picture shown of the thief by using the "$myclass" command.
Picture shown on profiles with the thief class.


- "The sneaky money stealer... Gain access to $steal to steal 10% of the target's money, if successful. +8% success per evolution."
~ In-Game description

The Thief class doesn't give you any bonuses for battles, it's purpose is directed towards gaining money instead.


The $steal command is only limited to the Thief class and can be used every hour. This command targets a random user that has created an account on IdleRPG. $steal lets you take 10% of a targets money if done successfully; the chance increases by 8% per evolution.

Level 0 (Mugger) +8% chance
Level 5 (Thief) +16% chance
Level 10 (Rogue) +24% chance
Level 15 (Bandit) +32% chance
Level 20 (Chunin) +40% chance
Level 25 (Renegade) +48% chance
Level 30 (Assassin) +56% chance (max)