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Picture shown on profiles with the Paragon class.


- ""Absorb the appreciation of the developers into your soul to power up. +1 damage and defense per evolution added onto your items."
~ In-Game description

The paragon class is for those who have mastered the ancient arts of balance and nature. It can be seen as a combination of mage and warrior, as it increases both your damage and defense.

This class is only available to donators.


You gain +1 atk/def every 5 levels by $evolve.

Level 0 (Novice) +1 atk/def
Level 5 (Proficient) +2 atk/def
Level 10 (Artisan) +3 atk/def
Level 15 (Master) +4 atk/def
Level 20 (Champion) +5 atk/def
Level 25 (Vindicator) +6 atk/def
Level 30 (Paragon) +7 atk/def (max)


The Paragon doesn't have a myclass picture anymore since v4 was released which was the fault of the graphics team that forgot that they still needed to do pictures for the Paragon.