Tutorial: Changing your profile background

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This page will walk you through the process of changing your profile's background. Please note that you can only change your profile's background after receiving your donator perks.

Step by step

Finding your image

To find a suitable image, you can use image hosting platforms like Imgur or Pinterest, you can, of course, use search engines like Google.

There are no restrictions on what the image shows, as long as the image content complies to the bot and server rules.

It is also recommended, however not necessary, that your chosen image has 800 pixels (width) by 650 pixels (height) as its dimensions.

Once you found your image, it is recommended to follow |this tutorial to shorten your image URL, if it isn't below 60 characters as is.

Formatting your image

This step is optional, but recommended

Formatting your image will reduce/stretch your image to 800 x 650 pixels and give it box outlines to display your character's information in. To do this, you will want to use the command $makebackground <url>.

For required argument url, you should use the URL generated from the previous step.
Using this command will output an Imgur URL that you should use for the next step.

If you do not format your image, the information may not be displayed correctly, due to the bot placing the text based on the distance from the top-left most pixel. If your image is smaller than 800 by 650 pixels, it is likely that the text will exit the image to the right.
If your image is less than 50 pixels high, or less than 110 pixels wide, no text will be displayed.

Using the final image

Now that you have a custom formatted image, you are ready to use the final command, $background <url>.
For required argument url you should either use the URL output by the previous step or the URL generated from the original image.

When the bot replies Your new profile picture is now <url>, the command was successful and you can then check your profile with the command $profile


When uploading to Imgur on mobile, when you go to view the image in a different tab, you may find that the URL is appended by image tags like height=600. To solve this, set your browser to desktop mode, then view the image in a new tab again. The URL should now be short. If you are having trouble, feel free to ask around in your server or our Support Server and someone with a PC will be able to help you.