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IdleRPG Starters' Guide 2019!

#1 Tip - Check the IdleRPG tutorial if you haven't already. Do either $tutorial or ?tag tutorial for the link

Character Creation - Do $create, the bot will respond back asking for a name, do NOT type $(name of your character), instead just simply type your desired name. If you've messed up somehow, you can always change your name by $rename

Basic Commands - Always do $daily every 24hrs to obtain free money/crates everyday. Another command is $vote to obtain a free crate every 12 hrs, do ?tag crate vote for more info. Use $i to view your items and $xp to view your current xp progress. $help to view all the commands, $help guild to view guild commands

Selecting Classes/Races - To select a class, do $class and you'll see available options. The first time you choose a class, it's free, the rest of class changes arent, it'll cost $5k. Secondary classes are available when you'e reached level 12. Use ?tag class for more info. Select your race by $race, choose wisely as to it is irreversible. Do ?tag races for more info.

(view Class or Race for further information)

Adventures - To go on an adventure, do $a (adv num). If you have low level/stats, start with adventure 1 and progress to higher ones once you obtain higher stats. View your adventure survival chances by $adventures. There's also the option to go on $activeadventure where you can actively react to reactions.

(view Adventures for further information)

Guilds - A guild is a group that you can create and invite your friends or just random users! Create one by $guild create for the cost of $10k and invite users by $guild invite (@user). Perks of creating a guild are - $guild adventure to lead your members on a high level mission, store money in the guild bank which can't be stolen from those that have the Thief class, battle against other guilds and much much more! (see $help guild for more info on the guild commands)

Marketing/Trading - To view items on the market, do the command $market. You can specify what item type to view, item stats and their max price. Do ?tag market for more info. Use ?tag prices to get a general idea of what each stats go for currently. To trade someone an item, do $offer (itemID) (price) (@user). To trade crates, do $tradecrate (@user) (amount of crates) (crate rarity). Join the official Idle Market server via ?tag tm

Gods - To follow a god, do $follow, but choose wisely on which god as the choice is irreversible. Gain favor with your god, the more favor the more likely they'll notice and give you extra luck! To gain favor, you can $sacrifice (num) items from $loot. The amount of favor you get from sacrificing depends on the loot's value. You can also choose the Ritualist class to make your sacrifice more efficient as to you getting more favors with your chosen god. Gods distribute luck weekly; luck affects your adventure success chances, item rewards and item drops from crates.

(view Gods for further information)

All the commands mentioned above are to be used in the Official IdleRPG Server, preferably in channels #playground, #idle-casino.